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“Each one, teach one,” a fundamental Gandhian philosophy that outlined the cardinal need for promoting universal education, has echoed across the Indian educational landscape for years. The belief highlighted the importance of personal responsibility in encouraging scholastic initiatives and served as a larger call to action for individuals to share their knowledge and promote a more equitable society. In India, while constitutional provisions such as the Right to Education guarantee quality education to budding students, the National Sample Survey Office reports that nearly 32 million children in India have never attended school. This statistic is particularly grave among the country’s underserved communities, where access to education is prevented by several pervasive barriers. 

While India’s literacy rate increased to 84% and 70.3 among male and female populations respectively (National Statistical Office), it is important to note the stark differences in educational attainment for India’s underprivileged groups. Despite the establishment of government schools in India which have provided some relief for low-income cohorts, access to learning remains one of the country’s key developmental challenges. Further exacerbated by the lack of effective policy implementation, infrastructure, staff shortages, and deep-rooted barriers unique to India’s socio-cultural landscape, education in India for many is a faraway dream, one that Project Sakshaar hopes to fulfill. 

About Project Saakshar

Founded in 2021, Project Saakshar aspires to empower student volunteers to engage in grassroot action and establish a network of student mentors and students from underprivileged backgrounds. By connecting volunteers to NGOs such as the CARE foundation, the project aims to serve as an effective channel of communication between India's underserved students and budding student volunteers. Through the curation of innovative and efficacious teaching strategies, Project Sakshaar is an instrumental first step in equipping the next generation of changemakers with the requisite skills to lead a movement to eradicate illiteracy and promote an inclusive and educated India. 

About the Founder

Haardik Gupta

Haardik Gupta is a 12th-grade student who studies Math, Physics, Economics, English, Hindi, and Computer Science at the Doon School, India. With a keen passion for economic policy and growing challenges in developing countries, Haardik has been working on a research paper on the condition of farmer welfare in India . As a student leader for social change, Haardik serves as the Community Service Head of Panchayat Ghar, as part of which he teaches students from slums and children of support staff at the Doon School. Furthermore, as a past volunteer for the Organisation For Social Change Awareness & Responsibility (OSCAR), Haardik has conducted virtual classes in Math and English for students of grade 5 during the pandemic. He leads a team of volunteers amongst his family & friends who are regularly teaching kids in their locality and spreading Gandhiji's philosophy of Each One Teach One.

Haardik has a keen interest in co-curricular disciplines, which he pursues through his active participation in tennis, piano, and hip-hop dance. Haardik is School Tennis Captain of his school, The Doon School , and represents it at district , state & National level.

Furthemore, being an award-winning debator and MUN speaker, Haardik is a member of several school clubs such as the Doon School Stock Exchange, Astronomical Society, and Infinity Society. 

Message by Founder, Haardik Gupta, Grade 12, The Doon School , Dehradun

"In 2023, India is projected to surpass China as the world's most populous country. However, it's disheartening to know that India is also home to the largest population of illiterate adults, with a staggering 287 million individuals lacking basic literacy skills. This accounts for 37% of the global illiterate population, where one in every three people in India cannot read or write. These statistics are alarming, especially in the age of advanced technology, where 33% of the Indian population still struggles with illiteracy.

The consequences of this issue are far-reaching, affecting individual progress, well-being, and ultimately hindering the economic growth of the country. Furthermore, our society faces other challenges such as child and sexual abuse, gender disparity, and drug addiction. By promoting literacy, we establish the first line of defense against these social evils through increased awareness, education, and collaborative efforts.

This cause holds personal significance for me as it has evolved from sympathy to empathy. I was once deeply concerned about underprivileged children who lacked access to information and better opportunities in life. However, I realised that empathy alone is not enough. It's crucial to find practical solutions that nurture and enhance the potential of these individuals. Therefore, my involvement in this project is both cognitive and emotional, driven by a strong desire to make a positive impact.

Join us in our mission to combat illiteracy and address the pressing issues in our society. Together, we can create a brighter future by empowering individuals, fostering awareness, and promoting equal opportunities for all. Let's work hand in hand to unlock the true potential of every individual and build a better tomorrow."

About the Co-Founder

Manasvi Hasteer

Manasvi Hasteer, a 12th-grade student at St. Theresas Convent School, boasts a diverse set of interests spanning culinary arts, dance, and mathematics. Her passion for making a difference came to the fore during the pandemic when she observed underprivileged children struggling with remote learning due to a lack of technology. This led her to establish a teaching program, bringing joy and education to their lives.

Inspired by this experience, Manasvi co-founded Project Sakshar with friends, dedicated to educating underprivileged children. She's been instrumental in enhancing their life skills, particularly in mathematics, using creative methods like flashcards and games. She fosters engagement through book reading and themed events, affirming her belief in the profound rewards of community service.

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Selfee With Mentee Campaign


Distribution of Educational Resources



TeamProjectSaakshar's remarkable efforts in empowering underprivileged children were acknowledged by 94.5MyFM, who invited them to their studio for an enlightening discussion. The team seized this opportunity to raise awareness about their project and inspire listeners to join their cause. RJ Chakshu's warm and encouraging interaction further enhanced the experience. Through the powerful hashtags #TogetherWeCan and #EachOneTeachOne, the interview served as a catalyst for collective action, encouraging individuals to contribute to the mission of inclusive education. TeamProjectSaakshar continues to create waves, leaving a lasting impact on the journey towards a brighter future for underprivileged children.

The inspiring efforts of Project Saakshar, aimed at empowering underprivileged children through education, have been recognized in the esteemed pages of Himayat Magazine, published by The Doon School. The write-up highlights the transformative initiatives undertaken by Project Saakshar and their commitment to bridging educational gaps. It sheds light on the impact created through the provision of educational kits, mentorship programs, and support to institutes working with vulnerable children. This recognition in Himayat Magazine serves as a testament to the dedication and impact of Project Saakshar, inspiring readers and fostering a sense of social responsibility towards inclusive education.

The social service counter at The Doon School's prestigious Founder's-2022 event proudly showcased Project Saakshar, a remarkable social initiative taken up by the school. This display was met with delight as it represented the school's commitment to making a positive impact in society. Project Saakshar's mission of empowering underprivileged children through education resonated with attendees, generating awareness and support. The inclusion of Project Saakshar at the event highlighted the school's dedication to social responsibility and the importance of inclusive education. The display not only honored the efforts of the doscos involved but also inspired others to join hands and contribute towards a brighter future for underprivileged children.

"Soch India" magazine showcases the impactful work of Project Saakshar in empowering underprivileged children through education. The article highlights the organization's commitment to inclusive education, providing essential resources to bridge educational gaps. It features inspiring stories of transformed lives and emphasizes the collaborative efforts of donors, volunteers, and partner organizations. With a continued focus on expanding their reach and creating positive change, Project Saakshar's presence in "Soch India" serves as a call to action, inspiring readers to support their mission of ensuring every child's right to education.


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You will be proud to know that Shikshaly NGO has created an intriguing video that appreciates the efforts of Team Project Saakshar. This video provides an opportunity to recognize their dedicated work and commitment. Through this video, Shikshaly NGO applauds the efforts of Project Saakshar, which has ensured the education of underprivileged children through their hard work and dedication. Watching this video will evoke a sense of pride and admiration for the endeavors of Team Project Saakshar. This video is not only significant from the perspective of Shikshaly NGO, but it also inspires you to get involved in such social initiatives and contribute towards a brighter future for underprivileged children.

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